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Birchwood at Hillcrest - Assisted Living Price Range

Assisted Living prices include utilities, Wi-Fi, cable TV, Transportation, Housekeeping services with flat linens and meals and much more. Personal laundry and basic assistance with activities of daily living are available at Birchwood Assisted Living. Activities of daily living include but are not limited to, bathing, dressing, medication management, cueing, reminding and toileting.

Licensed nurses are at Birchwood every day, and trained staff is on site at all times.

If you are comparison shopping be sure to take into consideration all the items that we include in the basic monthly fee.

  • Initial cost includes a one-time non-refundable application fee and a partially refunded security deposit.
  • Basic monthly fees are based on apartment size, floorplan, and single or double occupancy.
  • Additional charges are based on individual needs for assistance with activities of daily living and are based on the level of assistance required by a resident’s condition.
  • No long term lease requirement at Hillcrest.

Please inquire at the Marketing Office for specific details.